Dr. Jim Walker
Nickname: No nickname really? Just jim....


Dr. Jim Walker


No nickname really? Just jim....



What wilderness sports/adventures are you into?

Ocean swimming, trail running, diving

Other activities /Hobbies?

Reading, messing about on guitar/ saxophone

What do you do for a living?


Tell us about you? Give us a potted history of your journey so far?

Brought up in the South East of England in the heart of the Sussex countryside. Always loved sports and adventure. Grew up on the rugby pitch but was never as good as I thought I was. Ended up in Medicine - love the breadth: interaction with loads of different people, learning, growth.

Moved to Sydney to spend a year catching up with family over here and haven't left yet.....

List your Adventures and achievements so far?

Sporting adventures/ achievements: (not sure if all of these count?)English channel swim, Marathon des sables, Aconcagua summit
Annapurna trail
Diving instructor
2 x ironman, 15 marathons, 20 half marasRugby league blues Cambridge university
Senior County Champs rugby rep - Sussex

How long have you been training at Joe's Basecamp?

1.5 years ish

whats your favorite training?


Whats the worst thing Joe and his crew make you do?

Worst thing: do not like quad busters

What does a training day look like for you?

Training day: no typical pattern. Last few years it has depended on what I'm training for -Channel - up at 5 - hit pool at 6 for 8 - 10km with squad.

Cold acclimitization in evenings, mainly sitting in cold water. Long swim - 4 - 10 hours at weekend. Sunday off
MdS / Aconcagua - lots of running with Basecamp group class several times / wk

If you could be stuck on a mountain or in a tent with anybody who would it be and why?

stuck in a tent: Kate Beckinsale is the only person I can ever think of when asked this question. RAW. PHYSICAL. ATTRACTION.

What are your strengths?


What are your weaknesses?

chin ups/ core / knees

Tell us a secret?

Once got arrested in Milan for public nudity

What is the key to happiness?

Keys to happiness (my observations so far anyway....): purpose, contribution, engagement in life / relationships

What are you reading?

Graham Greene - 'Our man in Havana'

What do you watch?

Films - love films. Last one I watched - Sicario. Worth a look.

What are you listening to?

Aha Shake Heartbreak - Kings of Leon revival in my car at the moment

What is the one thing that you always take on an adventure/expedition/trip?


What is the one piece of advice you would give any would be adventurer?

Choose it, commit to it, do it. Stop thinking about it. I think that's four bits

What does living a life of adventure mean to you?

Adventures center you and feed your sense of wonder at the environment around you.

They distract you from the confusions of day to day living in the modern western world, and they remind you what an amazing planet we live on and how incredible life can be. Adventures inspire you to learn and to keep evolving.

What next? What are your next goals?

Next goals : keen to swim Straits of Gibraltar / start to merge my career with my passion for adventure

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