Nickname: The Yeti


Stephen Bock


The Yeti



What wilderness sports/adventures are you into?


Other activities /Hobbies?

Motorbike riding, Competition Aerobatic Flying, marathon/ half marathons, some adventure races

What do you do for a living?

Own a realestate business, Partner in an Adventure Business, Own a public speaking business

Tell us about you? Give us a potted history of your journey so far?

Grew up in country Sth Australia. Dad was a bank manager so we moved every 3 years so I went to a multitude of schools is small communities (6 from memory).

Moved to Sydney in my early 20's (didnt know anyone here but moved to 'make a success of my life' (had a find a job within 2 weeks as thats when my money would run out).

First job in sales for 'Retravision'. 'Poached' into car sales, was ranked as a top selling new car salesperson for many years. 'Poached' into real estate sales end 1998.

Became a top ranked salesperson for McGrath Estate Agents and helped establish the Manly office. Moved to Ray White in 2008 and have a been one of their top ranking businesses since. Married 2000, divorced 2006.

One beautiful daughter - Georgia who is now 12 and lives in Noosa with her mother. Partner in Adventures Global since 2010 and have run my speaking business since 2010


Did basic and advanced mountaineering courses in my early 20's and some climbing in the Andes. Currently working through Explorer Grand Slam (5 summits down) and second climb of Everest (nth side) in May 2017.


Achieved pilots licence at 16. Have competed both at a State level and Nationally in aerobatic flying.

List your Adventures and achievements so far?

As above. I have completed a few marathons/ half marathons including the Ayers Rock marathon. I have also competed in the 100km trailwalker over 10 times and the 100km Wild Endurance event in the Blue Mountains twice

How long have you been training at Joe's Basecamp?

since opening

whats your favorite training?

whatever Joe tells me to do!! I love the ability to have access to altitude training and Joe's and Joe's team of experts

Whats the worst thing Joe and his crew make you do?

to be honest - nothing. Joe (and Matt) push me to my limit. I take a view that you cannot train to hard when your putting your life on the line. I enjoy finding my limits and then trying to extend them

What does a training day look like for you?

Im up at 3.45am each day. training is usually 2hrs from 5.30. Mon/Wed/Sat is cardio training in the chamber with a pack on. Tue/ Thur are my precision weight days. I then run 3 nights a week if I am building for a marathon etc. Once a month (usually sundays) I like to get out and do a 50-70km bush session

If you could be stuck on a mountain or in a tent with anybody who would it be and why?

Tony Robbins - I get alot from his training

What are your strengths?

I think I am strong mentally and physically. I have alot of life experience these days and that has given me a good level of emotional intelligence. I am very resilient, I will never quit

What are your weaknesses?

I am not very good at resting and backing off. I am intolerant and impatient at times. I also am not very good at 'smelling the roses'. I tend to just get on with the next goal

Tell us a secret?

My weaknesses are dark rum, cuban cigars, m&ms and a good burger

What is the key to happiness?

Be happy in your own skin. Dont follow the masses or care what they think. Life is precious and short - If you want to do something then step up and go for it.

What are you reading?

I am currently reading....Into the Heart of the Himalaya by Jono Lineen, Why People Fail by Siimon Reynolds and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza

What do you watch?

I dont really watch TV. I do enjoy NCIS, Criminal Minds and absolutely love 'Strike Back'.

What are you listening to?

I love all sorts of music. I relax to Frank Sinatra or Bocelli

What is the one thing that you always take on an adventure/expedition/trip?

my hip flask of rum (essential part of my survival kit)

What is the one piece of advice you would give any would be adventurer?

train harder than the environment you are going into. It will make for a better experience but on a more serious level it may be crucial to the outcome

What does living a life of adventure mean to you?

Going after your dreams. My tip is to pick the biggest, scariest, fattest goal you have and commit. Its never about the end goal, its about who you need to become to achieve it. The path of continual growth is where real living starts

What next? What are your next goals?

Complete Explorer Grand Slam by age 50 (Denali, Vinson, North and South Pole remaining). Everest North Col route in 2017. Compete at Nationals in aerobatics (sportsman division) in Nov 2016.

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