"Swallow a toad in the morning if you want to encounter nothing more disgusting the rest of the day." French writer Nicolas Chamfort (1741-1794) This quote is often changed to "eating a frog" and wrongly attributed to the great American writer Mark Twain (mainly by americans) Do you ever lie there on a monday morning, having made plans that your going to get up and go for a run?
As we gear up for another festive season, gym members are going away and taking a break, I often get asked, "What can I do to stay fit over xmas if away from the gym?"    "How can I train quickly and effectively?" and, "What pieces of equipment will give me the most bang for my buck?"
Hello and welcome to my first ever blog for Joes Garage Gym. Over the coming months I will be researching and writing articles on Boxing, Strength & Conditioning and also Olympic Weightlifting. I intend to provide relevant information that you can all understand, adapt and use in the much-loved classes. Enjoy….
In this article I'm going to explain why warming up (GPP - General Physical Preparation) is so important to your Strength & Conditioning. Why GPP should be structured differently for different workouts, how the end goal should always be kept in mind and also what not to do.