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Basecamper Stories

The Ball Pass Crossing - Southern Alps in New Zealand's South Island

Tackling the Ball Pass Crossing in the New Zealand Alps

“What the hell am I doing up here?” I must have said that to myself hundreds of times over the course of our 3 day trek over the Ball Pass Crossing in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. It’s an exhausting hilarious inner dialogue that goes round and round in my head. Nikki and I had worked […]

Caught in the earthquake, delivering aid.

Our own Bill Crozier gets caught in the second earthquake whilst delivering aid. He reports back on the heartbreaking scenes in Nepal, where he went over to help out using his skills as a doctor. I asked him to write a blog, so you guys could see why and where your money was needed. Hello everyone involved […]

Joes Basecamp paris

Spreading the Joe’s Basecamp love in Paris

Here at Joe’s Basecamp we have a thing about exploring and spreading the brand globally by wearing our t-shirts in the action,  surely everyone needs to know how and where to train for life’s adventures! Back in June Nikki and I ran the streets of Paris and grabbed some footage as we went. Starting on the […]

The North Face Australia 100KM Race Tips

The North Face Race reports

What an amazing event! This year we had several members train hard at Joe’s Basecamp for The North Face 100. There are 2 distances that can be run, 100km or 50km and both are a fantastic achievement that demand a focused training program and willingness to push yourself mentally and physically. It’s a very professionally run […]

Training for an Anzac Day Adventure

What are you doing this Anzac day? This is how one of our adventurous souls at the Basecamp is spending their Anzac day. Hamish has spent months training for this adventure. Putting in the hard yards, the early mornings, the evening sessions, training on the water and in the gym, Surf Boat Rowing and lifting […]

Kokoda Track River Crossing

Top tips for tackling The Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Track in the mountainous jungles of Papua New Guinea has to be one of the most iconic multi-day treks for Australians to tackle. People return with massive smiles and tales of sucking mud, leeches, boots that never dry and long hot days pushing up and down the mountain tracks trying not to trip […]


Why I train

Like many people who exercise often, I get asked ‘what are you training for?’. I think it’s normal for people to expect a single short answer – “Doing the half marathon in a few weeks” or “I’m off on a trek” but often there isn’t a specific event in mind. This got me thinking to […]