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Basecamper Stories

Joe’s Garage Gym and the Shitbox Rally

Why Tim Herbert is doing the Shitbox Rally? I lost my mum to Acute Myeloid Lymphoma on the 25th July 2008. She had been in the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney for 1 month since she had been diagnosed with Cancer. She was 64 years old.

Client Focus: Tim Herbert

Who are you? Tim Herbert I was born in the south of England to a Geordie mother and a Cockney father, so I’m a bit mixed up. After I left university in the UK I travelled for a while before settling in Manly, I did however end up back in the UK for a period […]

Client Focus – Gisele Van den Berg

Who are you? Gisele van den Berg born is South Africa and I have lived in five different countries between the ages of 16-23. I just turned 23 and live in Manly.