Basecamper Stories

I had gym issues. Struggling to manage the 24/7 access me anywhere, anytime work demands with no time for exercise The way I saw it I had two options; 1. end my membership at Joe's, which I wasn't using and continue to fit in a run here & and there and try and make myself do home workouts in between answering emails, calls and driving into the city or 2. call Joe & ask for help. I chose option 2 & am sooo thankful I did.

This months Client Focus has an extra story to it, I've taken the liberty of adding a couple of Tez's diary extracts. Who are you? Tereza Berkemeier What do you do for a...

Who are you? Tim Herbert I was born in the south of England to a Geordie mother and a Cockney father, so I'm a bit mixed up. After I left university in the UK I travelled for a while before settling in Manly, I did however end up back in the UK for a period of time before returning here in 2000.
Who are you?  David Jones Who do you work for? Baker & McKenzie, an international law firm. What do you do for a crust? I eat all the rest of the bread, and voila!  Crust.  Hmm, perhaps not what you were asking?  I'm a partner at my law firm, working in the Structured Assets team.  Basically means helping people buy and sell large commercial office buildings and Hotels & Resorts around the World, primarily in the Asia Pacific region.  To appease my conscience I also help organise various parts of our Pro Bono program, including a service for low-income terminally ill