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Friends of JBC

The North Face Ice Climbing Giveaway

The North Face Launches Summit Series with Ice Climbing Giveaway Embark on a winter alpine climbing experience in New Zealand’s Southern Alps with The North Face & Adventure Consultants The North Face, the world’s premier supplier of authentic, technically innovative outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear is launching the reimagined Summit Series line with a chance […]

Caught in the earthquake, delivering aid.

Our own Bill Crozier gets caught in the second earthquake whilst delivering aid. He reports back on the heartbreaking scenes in Nepal, where he went over to help out using his skills as a doctor. I asked him to write a blog, so you guys could see why and where your money was needed. Hello everyone involved […]

The North Face Australia 100KM Race Tips

The North Face Race reports

What an amazing event! This year we had several members train hard at Joe’s Basecamp for The North Face 100. There are 2 distances that can be run, 100km or 50km and both are a fantastic achievement that demand a focused training program and willingness to push yourself mentally and physically. It’s a very professionally run […]

Joes Basecamp Nepal Fundraiser

Nepalese Fund Raiser – the 10 hour effort!

High altitude chamber training with Stephen Bock doing 10 hours heavy pack treadmill at 3500m, Pete Wells doing 5 hours paddling machine at 3500m & GVB doing 4 hours at 3500m on the paddling machine. Steve and Pete are both Everest Summiteers trained by Joe so have experienced tough days at altitude. Greg‘s one of the strongest […]

Joe Bonington and Steve Bock

Fundraiser Update

What an excellent day in the gym and great fundraising result for the people of Nepal. Huge thanks to the many, many people who contributed their time, effort and produce to help the day run really smoothly. Special mention to Stephen Bock who walked 34km at 3600m of altitude in our Altitude Training Room. As it […]

Altitude Training - Hypoxic Chamber - Sydney

The Hypoxia Room – Altitude Training

Contributed by a good friend of Joe’s Basecamp – Dr. Bill Crozier – (Anaesthetist, Expedition Doctor and Altitude Medicine Expert) The Joe’s Basecamp hypoxia room is designed to mimic the effects of high altitude on the body. The Facts about altitude. When you take yourself to high altitude the barometric pressure of the air decreases. The percentage […]

Chris Bonington Adventurous Life

My Inspiration (Lessons of home)

I watch this video with a lump in my throat. My Dad is truly an inspiration to me and the reason I am the way I am, the reason I do what I do. I know people can do so much more and live a lot bigger lives. We can all tear chunks out of life, […]

Hello World, It’s our Grand Opening day

I’m very proud to announce the official opening day of Joe’s Basecamp by one of the world’s leading mountaineers, Andrew Lock  9:30am Saturday 7th March. We believe we have built a truly unique experience in fitness, training and encouraging people to grow by getting out of their comfort zone.