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All the reasons you need to cut sugar from your diet!

Sugar is bad for you!!! There are no two ways about it…. infact there are 146 ways and all backed by science! When coaching classes at Joe’s Garage Gym I keep telling you guys about how bad Sugar is for you, unfortunately a few of you (stubborn ones) are still smashing the choccy everynight How […]

Why I do what I do

I love what I do with a passion. There is not a morning that I don’t get up and smile as I pull on the chain that opens the roller doors to “The Garage”. I look around and I don’t just see a space filled with exercise equipment. I see a space where dreams built, […]

Lots of News and Lots of Changes at the Garage

Winter is drawing to a close and change is in the air? What changes are you committing to over the next 12 months? Lots of news from the Garage and lots of new faces in the Garage. Welcome all you guys and girls who are new to “the garage crew” as we like to call […]