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Joe's Garage Gym: Physiotherapy: Troy Wallace

Welcome Troy Wallace, physiotherapist

I pride myself on only referring to the best of allied health practitioners. I have worked closely for a number of years now with Momentum Physiotherapy.The founder of Momentum

Joe's Garage Gym: ART Practitioner Dan Penny (Right) with Charles Poliquin

Welcome Dan Penny, ART practitioner

Welcome aboard ART specialist, Dan Penny. I have been dying to get a good ART provider working locally as all the good ones are based in the city or further up the beaches.

Attention Mum’s & Dad’s: Enjoy some time out while the kids have fun!

Are you sometimes worried that your kids aren’t sleeping well, don’t eat as well as they could or are overstimulated by the TV, computers and all the other ‘screens’ they’re drawn to for entertainment? Do you remember the last time you had an hour to yourself on a Sunday morning? Imagine sitting down with the papers […]