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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls

Here’s a simple and easy recipe for a healthy snack that is free of processed sugars and has the Joe’s Basecamp tick of approval! (Warning: these are absolutely delicious and aren’t quite as healthy if you decide to eat them all in one sitting… so exercise some self control you lot!) Lemon and Coconut Bliss […]

Easter Nests, Gluten and Dairy Free Treats

  Easter is on it’s way. And you know what that means…? Chocolate, and lots of it! Well, how about making a guilt free Easter treat this year and ditch that commercial overly processed stuff. I give you , Chocolate Easter Egg Nests! These ones are a slightly healthier twist on the classic and are […]

Bone Broth, a traditional superfood

Bone broth is the new kale!  It’s everywhere at the moment.  Here at the Basecamp we love it. Long used for its holistic, therapeutic and gut healing properties, bone broth is now being rediscovered and lauded as a medicinal food. Shiralee Organic Meats shares with us their recipe: 1.5 – 2kg organic beef/lamb/pork bones (meaty […]

Get a protein hit with Salted Chocolate Bliss Balls

Get a protein hit with these awesome Salted Chocolate Bliss Balls from our good friend Amanda Ford at Zest and Zing. This is one of Amanda’s most popular recipes, especially for anyone following a healthy eating or weight loss plan. They are a great replacement to store bought chocolate or sweets. Being rich in protein, […]

What’s New at The Basecamp….

I have been really busy behind the scenes at the Basecamp over the last few months creating adventure and goal oriented training skeletons along with individualised Basecamp Kitchen Meal Planners for our awesome community . I’ll be honest I’ve put my heart and soul into it and the results are fantastic. Here is just some […]

3 Cognition Hacks to Improve the Way You Think, Learn and Feel

3 Cognition Hacks to Improve The Way You Think, Learn and Feel

Our first guest blog from Lucas Cohen, writer at OptimOZ and Living Bulletproof in Australia Cognition is one of the most fun areas to biohack. Not only does it affect the way you feel, but it also has a huge impact on your performance and your quality of work. I used to think cognition could only be […]

Henry Talbot Larapinta Trail

The 14 Secrets of Training for an Adventurous Life

Firstly what do I mean with “training for an adventurous life?” Being able to live an adventurous life is a combination of mentality and ability. You can have an adventurous mentality but if you physically can’t do the adventurous thing you’d planned you’re essentially stuffed, a non-starter! A good adventure can throw anything your way… […]

The North Face Australia 100KM Race Tips

The North Face Race reports

What an amazing event! This year we had several members train hard at Joe’s Basecamp for The North Face 100. There are 2 distances that can be run, 100km or 50km and both are a fantastic achievement that demand a focused training program and willingness to push yourself mentally and physically. It’s a very professionally run […]


Why I train

Like many people who exercise often, I get asked ‘what are you training for?’. I think it’s normal for people to expect a single short answer – “Doing the half marathon in a few weeks” or “I’m off on a trek” but often there isn’t a specific event in mind. This got me thinking to […]