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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Tip for staying on track during FebFast

TIP: Tomorrow weigh yourself. Measure your hips, waist (lasses thinnest part between hips and ribs, lads across the belly button) and thighs (about 1 inch below groin, at widest part of upper leg). Also take note of how you feel or have been feeling, write down your general energy levels, any bloating or discomfort etc. […]

Only 4 days to go till FebFast!! Healthy Recipes for the Freezer

Only 4 days to go till FebFast. What are you doing to prepare? I’m cooking up meals for the freezer for those time poor days, so there are no nutritional mishaps and no excuses! Great things to prepare now are good hearty stews. Try this beautiful Asian dish for something a bit different…

Get Support from your friends during FebFast

A great idea before you start FebFast is to get some friends involved as well. Go out for a meal together on the last night of January and book another great meal for the first night in March. Stay in touch during the month. Giving each other support and holding each other accountable. You’ll find […]

Eat & Exercise your way to Winter Well-Being

Do you or does someone you know mope around when it’s cloudy and grey, only cheering up when the sun shines?  There’s no doubt that the weather affects all of us one way or another.  So to beat the winter blues & keep any excess kilo’s at bay, here’s some sure fire ways to eat […]

Obesity crisis on our hands

New research published this month in the Australian New Zealand Journal of Health has confirmed that obesity has overtaken tobacco as the leading preventable cause of disease in Australia. New figures from Western Australia(1), which are expected to reflect across Australia, show the contribution of excessive weight to ill health has more than doubled in […]

Have you heard the buzz about Chia Seeds?

Those of you that know Joe have probably seen him walking around with a bottle of what looks alarmingly like frog spawn… infact he has wound up several unsuspecting clients that he is infact drinking Frog Spawn collected from Manly Dam. Well it’s time to let his secret out, the contents of his bottle are […]