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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Fast Food Excuses

One of the challenges I face as a Personal Trainer is clients telling me they don’t have time to eat properly. Well the one thing we all have in common is the same amount of hours in a day, the same amount of minutes and the same amount of seconds.

Feb Fast – detox the excesses of Christmas and New Year

During February all my clients go on a clear out to purge the excesses of Christmas and the new year. For one short month, we eat as naturally as possible in the way that our bodies were intended to eat. This means only eating natural whole foods with no proccessing, no chemicals and no additives.

and for the Training Fashionista’s out there…

Adidas by Stella McCartney The critically acclaimed sports performance collection ‘adidas by Stella McCartney’ now includes several sports categories including running, gym, yoga, tennis, swimming and most recently dance.  Available at: Adidas Originals, Shop 52, Queen Victoria Building, 455 George St, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Work Related Stress

Do you struggle to get up and get to work? Dream of throwing your laptop into the harbour? Your Blackberry has become an enemy from whom you dread to hear?

What are your Core Values?

What makes you happy at home, work and social situations? By identifying our Core Values, we can identify what makes us feel fulfilled. Try this exercise to help you determine your core values, so you can maximise your satisfaction with whatever you do.

The Good Oil

Fact  The brain is made up of 60% fat of which 60% is made up of Omega 3 fatty acids. So it is true, I do have a fat head.

Christmas Shopping Tips

Well , here we are again. As it is Joe’s favourite time of year we’d better put in a few ideas for Christmas: