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Photos/Videos to Inspire

My Body Moves

You can read Joe’s popular article on this subject here, and find the video transcript below. Joe: “I’ve got two daughters. I’ve got a daughter who’s eleven, I’ve got a daughter who’s thirteen. They’re growing up in a very, very different world to the world I grew up in. From what I’m seeing from sitting […]

Henry and Nikki Overland Track

A perspective on The Overland Track

The wild heart of Tasmania, what a cracking part of Australia! The Overland Track is an 80km iconic Australian trek through the centre of Tassie in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Nikki and I had read about it many times so were keen to see what it’s all about. Many of the Joe’s Basecamp crew have asked what […]

The Ball Pass Crossing - Southern Alps in New Zealand's South Island

Tackling the Ball Pass Crossing in the New Zealand Alps

“What the hell am I doing up here?” I must have said that to myself hundreds of times over the course of our 3 day trek over the Ball Pass Crossing in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. It’s an exhausting hilarious inner dialogue that goes round and round in my head. Nikki and I had worked […]

Joes Basecamp paris

Spreading the Joe’s Basecamp love in Paris

Here at Joe’s Basecamp we have a thing about exploring and spreading the brand globally by wearing our t-shirts in the action,  surely everyone needs to know how and where to train for life’s adventures! Back in June Nikki and I ran the streets of Paris and grabbed some footage as we went. Starting on the […]

Joes Basecamp Nepal Fundraiser

Nepalese Fund Raiser – the 10 hour effort!

High altitude chamber training with Stephen Bock doing 10 hours heavy pack treadmill at 3500m, Pete Wells doing 5 hours paddling machine at 3500m & GVB doing 4 hours at 3500m on the paddling machine. Steve and Pete are both Everest Summiteers trained by Joe so have experienced tough days at altitude. Greg‘s one of the strongest […]

Chris Bonington Adventurous Life

My Inspiration (Lessons of home)

I watch this video with a lump in my throat. My Dad is truly an inspiration to me and the reason I am the way I am, the reason I do what I do. I know people can do so much more and live a lot bigger lives. We can all tear chunks out of life, […]

The Holster Manifesto Joe's Basecamp

The Holstee Manifesto

Joe and I love The Holstee Manifesto – a framed copy hangs in my apartment here in Fairlight, Sydney. It speaks to everything we believe in with the fundamental premise that Life Is Short. From a few seemingly simple lines come very strong messages that resonate powerfully. One could say that “Life is about the the […]

Joe Bonington talks about Self Myofascial Release

httpvh:// The first in a series of video’s explaining why we do what we do, Joe explains the best way  to prepare for exercise. All of the sessions at Joe’s Garage start with GPP – General Physical Preparation, the first part if this is SMR, Joe explains, why we do it and how we do […]