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Training Programs

What’s New at The Basecamp….

I have been really busy behind the scenes at the Basecamp over the last few months creating adventure and goal oriented training skeletons along with individualised Basecamp Kitchen Meal Planners for our awesome community . I’ll be honest I’ve put my heart and soul into it and the results are fantastic. Here is just some […]

Altitude Training - Hypoxic Chamber - Sydney

The Hypoxia Room – Altitude Training

Contributed by a good friend of Joe’s Basecamp – Dr. Bill Crozier – (Anaesthetist, Expedition Doctor and Altitude Medicine Expert) The Joe’s Basecamp hypoxia room is designed to mimic the effects of high altitude on the body. The Facts about altitude. When you take yourself to high altitude the barometric pressure of the air decreases. The percentage […]

January outdoor fitness bootcamp has started

If you want to work off the mince pies and christmas ales, come down and join us on the Northern Beaches for some great early morning outdoor sessions. Here is where you can get more information about our outdoor bootcamp sessions. Sun, sea, sand and sweat….