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Training Tips

Henry Talbot Larapinta Trail

The 14 Secrets of Training for an Adventurous Life

Firstly what do I mean with “training for an adventurous life?” Being able to live an adventurous life is a combination of mentality and ability. You can have an adventurous mentality but if you physically can’t do the adventurous thing you’d planned you’re essentially stuffed, a non-starter! A good adventure can throw anything your way… […]

The North Face Australia 100KM Race Tips

The North Face Race reports

What an amazing event! This year we had several members train hard at Joe’s Basecamp for The North Face 100. There are 2 distances that can be run, 100km or 50km and both are a fantastic achievement that demand a focused training program and willingness to push yourself mentally and physically. It’s a very professionally run […]

Altitude Training - Hypoxic Chamber - Sydney

The Hypoxia Room – Altitude Training

Contributed by a good friend of Joe’s Basecamp – Dr. Bill Crozier – (Anaesthetist, Expedition Doctor and Altitude Medicine Expert) The Joe’s Basecamp hypoxia room is designed to mimic the effects of high altitude on the body. The Facts about altitude. When you take yourself to high altitude the barometric pressure of the air decreases. The percentage […]

Kokoda Track River Crossing

Top tips for tackling The Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Track in the mountainous jungles of Papua New Guinea has to be one of the most iconic multi-day treks for Australians to tackle. People return with massive smiles and tales of sucking mud, leeches, boots that never dry and long hot days pushing up and down the mountain tracks trying not to trip […]

Holiday Workouts

Silly Season is upon us. Here is an exercise in damage limitation, whilst on holiday:

Joe’s Garage Gym ‘Holiday Pudding Blasting Workout!’

As we gear up for another festive season, gym members are going away and taking a break, I often get asked, “What can I do to stay fit over xmas if away from the gym?”    “How can I train quickly and effectively?” and, “What pieces of equipment will give me the most bang for […]

Squat the difference? The Olympic and Back Squat

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog for Joes Garage Gym. Over the coming months I will be researching and writing articles on Boxing, Strength & Conditioning and also Olympic Weightlifting. I intend to provide relevant information that you can all understand, adapt and use in the much-loved classes. Enjoy….

Training to be Fit and Healthy

What is being fit and healthy? What is the best way to get fit and healthy? What is fitness? Now there is a question! Being fit is being the best you can be, to feel good about yourself, to cope with a number of situations, to have a good sense of your abilities and spatial awareness, […]