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Training Tips

Fitness Tip: Exercising Outdoors

Guys, just flew in on Saturday night from a great trip to Nepal with trek clients. Thought I’d quickly put up another video post showing as an example, how little equipment you need to put together a great workout.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Personal Training tips from Sydney personal trainer, Joe Bonington, on Dynamic warm-ups: warming up for mixed conditioning sessions. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJrVR_PjCAs

Eat & Exercise your way to Winter Well-Being

Do you or does someone you know mope around when it’s cloudy and grey, only cheering up when the sun shines?  There’s no doubt that the weather affects all of us one way or another.  So to beat the winter blues & keep any excess kilo’s at bay, here’s some sure fire ways to eat […]

Reasons to change your running style

This is an article I got off the net reproduced from Celestine Chua’s blog. Celestine is an avid blogger whom I follow with a multitude of excellent and thoroughly researched articles around life, vitality and personal excellence.

Weight Training Tip

Cooling down after a weight workout is equally important as warming up. You should shoot for 5-10 minutes of easy aerobic exercise. This brings your heart rate back to normal and helps your body flush out lactic acid and additional toxins that can accumulate as you lift. Following your cool down, stretch again to lengthen […]

Running Technique

By Max Delacy Running is an expression of our selves, of our freedom to choose to be somewhere else… fast.