What is this program's focus?

  • Sport, Event or Adventure specificity
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Peaking
  • Correct training methods for the goal
  • Correct exercise prescription for outdoor and adventure sports

Each program is very different depending on the goal ,the adventure or the sport at hand. These are all Strength and Conditioning Programs that we can supplement with Altitude Training to get you the best results possible whether you are going to altitude or performing at sea level.


What outcomes can I expect?

  • Feeling confident and fully prepared for your adventure
  • Strong enough to meet any challenge
  • Endurance and cardiovascular fitness to see you through
  • Guidance on equipment and correct usage and other tips
  • Enhance chance of success
  • More enjoyment of your adventure / goal

Our Summit Programs are designed to give you the confidence to sign-up for and succeed in whatever goal or bucket-list adventure you are heading on. We are unique in the fact that with Joe's knowledge as a trek leader himself and experienced expeditioner you'll get first hand advice and tips that can make all the difference.

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