How We Train

  • Everybody starts with an in-depth functional movement assessment.
  • Our training programs are multi-layered. Think of our programs as being like ski fields, Beginner (Green Circle) /Intermediate (Blue Square) /advanced (Black Diamond) . When you come to the class you can choose or will be guided to your appropriate level.
  • Joe’s Basecamp are experts in Functional fitness training, Strength and Conditioning and endurance training for adventure.
  • Our core classes are the Strength and Conditioning Program which use our Black Diamond, Blue Square and Green Circle offerings. This is our baseline year round strength and conditioning group class program that builds and maintains an excellent level of fitness.
  • We also run Precision Classes where you can choose to work on your specific goals in a group of six clients under the guidance of our Personal Trainers.
  • We have a team of brilliant personal trainers who you get to work with on your specific goals on a 1-to-1 basis.
  • We focus on functional training, Strength and Conditioning, and endurance training to fulfill your adventures and goals.
  • We also run specialist sessions such Altitude training, Olympic weightlifting and Bodyweight / Calisthenics.
  • To tackle specific adventures we have Summit Programs – these run alongside the Performance Program and have additional specific programming to tackle challenges such as a trek, an ultra-marathon, mountaineering, skiing. Summit Programs can be undertaken in our Precision Classes, in the Open Gym or in a Personal Training session.