The Adventurers’ Club

What is The Adventurers’ Club? It’s the “every-mans” version of the New York Explorers Club or Britain’s Cordon Rouge Club. These are two very exclusive clubs for some of the world’s most famous and prolific explorers.

Joe’s Basecamp are experts in Functional fitness training, Strength and Conditioning and endurance training for adventure.

We encourage and inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

For us, the Adventurers’ Club is an inspirational space that any gym member can sit on an afternoon, before or after a class and plan an adventure. Grab one of our coffee table books, day dream and be inspired.

On the third Friday of every month, we take part in a group Strength and Conditioning class, then pour ourselves a good single malt whisky or a craft beer, point at the world map and regale each other with tales of treks, trail runs and travels in far- and not so far-flung places! It’s warm and inviting; it’s inspirational and unique; and it’s the perfect opportunity for our members to be inspired by some of the extraordinary things their peers are doing!

Here’s what’s coming up in the Adventurers’ Club calendar this year:

January (19/01) Henry & Nikki Talbot, Blake Turner, Gareth & Andrea Andrews Racing The Planet Patagonia 250km stage race
February (23/02) Sukie Southern, Terry Leckie and Joe Bonington Climbing Mount Aspiring, NZ
March (16/03) TBC TBC
April (20/04) John Stewart 10-month Global Challenge – Yacht Race
May (18/05) TBC TBC
June (15/06) TBC TBC

This event is free for Joe’s Basecamp members and $10 for non-members.