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Whether you are training with us for performance, functional training, endurance training, strength and conditioning, or a specific goal like a trek, trail running or mountaineering, Joe’s Basecamp is a purpose-built gym designed with your results, dreams and bucket-list goals in mind…. and that’s why our facility looks a little different to anything else you will see!

Joe’s Basecamp coaches are experts in functional fitness training, strength and conditioning and endurance training for outdoor adventures. We’re a place of work and performance where you learn new skills, improve yourself, become stronger, faster, fitter, leaner and more confident.

Upon entering Joe’s Basecamp you will realise what a great and welcoming space it is. As you are welcomed into the class and start warming up, you will see that it breeds a community of motivated and like-minded people. It’s a large converted factory area with white walls and huge windows, giving us great light.

Where it all happens Airdynes / Concept 2 rowers Functional strength Prep for the mountains Rings / Tyres / Kettle bells
Airdynes / Concept 2 rowers

So what toys do we have to play with?

Every piece of equipment here at Joe’s Basecamp is functional. Lets take a tour of what we’ve got and let’s start with why we’re different!

You can’t really get more functional in movement than climbing: the cross-patterned, self-loaded movements are phenomenal for promoting balanced strength and great movement patterns, so we absolutely had to put a bouldering wall in the gym! We have designed it in a way that it can be incorporated into our Performance Program group classes.

Our altitude chamber is used primarily for pre-acclimatisation training for trekking and mountaineering; training for sea level endurance events such as endurance cycling, ultrathons and triathlons; training for competitions such as fight sports or CrossFit (external CrossFit gyms use our facilities); and speeding up injury rehabilitation and fat metabolism. More about Altitude Training here

Every month a member of our JBC community gives an informal talk about one of their recent adventures. Held in the comfort of out Chesterfield armchairs, surrounded by interesting books and warming drinks, we get together to be inspired by one of our own. This area in the gym is somewhere to sit and be inspired, plan an adventure or just watch as your peers sweat it out in a class. Find out more about The Adventurers’ Club here

So what else do we have?

The Rig –  This is the centre piece of our strength and conditioning classes. It is designed so that we can have 8 individual people squatting at once, 20 people doing chin ups and with the monkey bars we cater for the obstacle racers among you. Don’t worry if you can’t do a chin-up – we have special elastic bands that can help train the weakest person to lift their own body weight!
What can we do on the rig: Squats, chin ups, dips, monkey bars, muscle ups, bench press and gymnastics work. It’s a very versatile piece of equipment.
Lifting platforms – We have five lifting platforms for barbell work and one raised platform for our competitive lifters
Barbells – We have 3 types of Barbell to cater for Males, Females and Beginners. We use them when Strength training or Olympic lifting.
Bumper Plates – These are special plates that are made of rubber so they can be dropped. Again, we use them for strength training and olympic lifting.
Dumb Bells – We have heaps and heaps of Dumb Bells in assorted sizes so that we can use these highly functional forms of free weights in strength training classes. They are very adaptable and can be used in all sorts of strength and conditioning scenarios!
Kettle bells – We have many kettle bells which are also perfect for strength and conditioning work and helping strengthen the core, posterior chain and promote shoulder girdle stability.
Battling ropes – We have four battling ropes which are a great and safe way to condition and tone, excellent for strength endurance but also a great interval cardio workout.
Equalizers – Another piece of versatile equipment we use are the Equalizers. These look like hurdles and with them we can do an endless number of body weight and core exercises.
Pin-loaded Machines – We use a small amount of carefully selected pin loaded cable pulley machines in our personal training, ideal for functional movement, injury management and exercise physiology.
Climbing ropes – Some of the more unusual things you’ll see at our gym are the four climbing ropes bolted into the ceiling. Climbing a rope is one of the best functional upper body movements there is.
Sleds – weight-loaded sleds for pulling and pushing.
Sprint Track – We have a 35m long fake grass sprint track.
Tyres – giant tractor tyres for flipping and for sledge hammer work.
Plyo Boxes – different size boxes for improving your explosiveness and ability to jump.
Olympic rings – for gymnastic strength and Callisthenics, these versatile rings will have you doing everything from roll ups, to muscle ups or just hangs and holds.


During our cardio sessions we make you do the things you know you should do when training by yourself but don’t, such as sprint work and intervals.
Cardio equipment – We have eight Concept II Rowers, six Assault fan bikes, two ski ergs and two spin bikes.
The Great Outdoors – We have mapped out and marked all running distances from the gym… 50m, 200m , 400m, 800m, 1.3km,4km, 7.5km and some great hills!

We have foam rollers, dowelling rods, massage balls and stretch straps which we use at the start of every session.

Home of our Exercise Physiologist and also our sports massage services.

Comfy Chesterfields, interesting books and a bar, somewhere to sit and be inspired, plan an adventure or just watch as your peers sweat it out in a class.

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