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The Campfire

365 Days of Adventure

Introducing a guest post from Dr Gareth Andrews, our polar exploring anaesthetist. Gareth has come up with an awesome challenge for the year one that will make his endurance training and strength and conditioning at the basecamp worthwile, this really is an awesome, clever and adventurous challenge. Read on:

Planning a Year of Adventure

Here is a step by step guide for planning and goal setting to make sure you live your most exciting and adventurous life this coming year. Use this simple strategy to make the first steps towards having a great year and maybe even crossing off some bucket list trips and adventures. Tony Robbins said “ […]

Joe’s Christmas Banana Almond Pancakes

Now here’s a Christmas breakfast that the whole family will LOVE! Pancakes are often thought to be an “unhealthy” breakfast, but they don’t have to be. Here’s a recipe that is both healthy and unbelievably tasty! Top it off with fresh berries for your daily dose of antioxidants and it’ll keep you full until that […]

Joe’s Spicy Dinosaur Eggs

Believe me when I tell you, pickled eggs taste way better than they sound. They are also really versatile – there are about as many combinations of pickle spice as there were dinosaurs! This is my favourite recipe, packed with flavour and a “moreish” vinegary aftertaste. Eat by themselves, chop into salads or (for the […]

My Body Moves

You can read Joe’s popular article on this subject here, and find the video transcript below. Joe: “I’ve got two daughters. I’ve got a daughter who’s eleven, I’ve got a daughter who’s thirteen. They’re growing up in a very, very different world to the world I grew up in. From what I’m seeing from sitting […]