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The Campfire

Group Training Client Focus: Peter McCarthy

This weeks client focus is on Peter McCarthy who has been training with Joe Bonington for 5 years, both one-on-one personal trainer and as part of the outdoor group training sessions on the Northern Beaches.

The Good Oil

Fact  The brain is made up of 60% fat of which 60% is made up of Omega 3 fatty acids. So it is true, I do have a fat head.

Christmas Shopping Tips

Well , here we are again. As it is Joe’s favourite time of year we’d better put in a few ideas for Christmas:

Drinking during exercise – what to drink and when

Summer is on it’s way, so often our performance level drops because of our lack of knowledge around hydration. The larger the volume of fluid in your stomach, the faster it is emptied into the intestines and so the faster it replaces fluid losses in your body. That!s why it is best to drink as […]