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The Campfire

What’s New at The Basecamp….

I have been really busy behind the scenes at the Basecamp over the last few months creating adventure and goal oriented training skeletons along with individualised Basecamp Kitchen Meal Planners for our awesome community . I’ll be honest I’ve put my heart and soul into it and the results are fantastic. Here is just some […]

Check out Chris Murphy on his 6 month Basecamp Anniversary

Chris Murphy tells us a little bit about his strength and conditioning training, his adventures and also shares a few secrets with us, including his shoe fettish!  Read on to find out more about what makes Chris tick. Who are you? Chris Murphy How old are you? 32 What are you passionate about? Being a […]

What are your Goals and Inspiration for 2017?

GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP: SATURDAY 21ST OF JANUARY  RESET FOR 2017   I just wanted to share this inspirational short video  with you.  As 2016 draws to a close, what has 2017 got in store for you?  This video my Dad did for Berghaus may give you some inspiration. This video isn’t about Strength and Conditioning […]

3 Cognition Hacks to Improve the Way You Think, Learn and Feel

3 Cognition Hacks to Improve The Way You Think, Learn and Feel

Our first guest blog from Lucas Cohen, writer at OptimOZ and Living Bulletproof in Australia Cognition is one of the most fun areas to biohack. Not only does it affect the way you feel, but it also has a huge impact on your performance and your quality of work. I used to think cognition could only be […]

strength and conditioning and Polar training success

Crossing Greenland

Here is some of the inspiring story and some stunning photo’s of Gareth Andrews crossing of Greenland. Gareth Andrews, after going through a strenuous functional, goal specific strength and conditioning program with us, achieved his goal of an unsupported crossing of the polar icecap that covers Greenland. On Friday the 12th of August he will be […]

Happiness and Success

It struck me as two of my adventurers head home. Jaco Ottink, who has just summited Everest and Gareth Andrews who has just crossed the Greenland Ice shelf unsupported. It brings me back to observations about what makes them who they are and achieve what it is they want to achieve.

Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 22 to 25

Day 22 – WEST COAST MOUNTAINS! Just peeping over horizon, a very welcome sight and a real boost for the team. Woke to freezing temperatures a real bonus Ice sheet completely frozen, we were like ducklings on a frozen pond, skis arms legs poles going everywhere very amusing. Slushy snow but holding together Saw the ice […]