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The Campfire

Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 21

Day 21 – The final chapter, entering what should be our final week on ice sheet, we’ll find out if we’re going to make it across and whether I should have Brought a snorkel instead of crampons, We’re at 1600m and snow slushy rained yesterday hasn’t dropped below freezing in 2 days. The storms were incredible […]

Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 16 to 20

Day 16 – met a Norwegian team going from Kangerlussuaq to Isortoq on East Coast, gave us some info on conditions on west coast, warm and wet, not great news. We might have to swim the last part. Great day 33km all the lads putting in a huge effort to make the distance. Beautiful icy fog […]

Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 12 to 15

Day 12 – 23km and 2300m, a great day. The same cold northwesterly wind but clear skies and good snow. We should reach the highest point of the ice sheet In 2 days then we’ll start to lose altitude again as we head for West Coast. All well, great team spirit. Off to fix my bindings […]

Open Day 7th May 2016 Schedule

Check out The Basecamp this weekend, Saturday 7th May at our Open Day, 8 am – 1pm. This is where Top 20 women’s tennis player, Madison Keys, trained when she came to the Sydney Open. This where ordinary people train for extraordinary things: 2 of our Basecamp members are out on expeditions now: Jaco Ottink […]

Gareth Andrews – Polar Expedition Day 7 to 11

Day 7 – Bitterly cold northwesterly wind this morning blowing strong, faded away around midday to very warm temperatures, forecast for drop in temp tomorrow -10. Team are all doing very well, a few aches, pains and blisters but otherwise well. 19km today and 1700m altitude gained so far. Love to all at home. G Day […]

Jaco’s Everest update VII

The latest update from Jaco Ottink, Joe’s Basecamps mountaineer on Everest  as he waits at Everest Basecamp for his chance to summit. Here he has a short video showing how they practice snow and ice skills for the ascent.

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Jaco on Everest Part VI

Jaco’s latest update sees him successfully summiting Lobuche twice as he prepares for his assault on Everest. This time we have news in his own words and a short Video