Our Experienced Team of Coaches

Everyone can benefit from coaching from our experienced team of coaches here at Joe’s Basecamp. Whether you are a beginner or advanced; whether you are training for a big adventure, strength and conditioning, endurance, fitness or a competition; spending quality time with our coaches will boost your confidence, improve your technique and performance, and increase your results. You can choose to do one-on-one personal training, group sessions, or a combination of the two!

Matt Reid:

Training / Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) (First Class Honours), Certificate 3 + 4 Master Trainer

Speciality: Improving Movement, Strength, Callisthenics

Favourite workout: Currently enjoying learning and improving my Olympic lifting, a workout involving that and some callisthenics would keep me happy!

Date joined JBC Crew: November 2014

In my spare time, I love to: I’m a simpleton. I love hanging out with my wife, family and mates; love reading all things to do with health, fitness and psychology; and love trips up and down the coast when there’s time.

On My Bucket List is… I would love to have an extended trip through South America, campervan around Australia when I’m older, and there are plenty of things I would love to see around Europe. My bucket list virtually revolves around travel with the wifey by my side!



Sam Puckle:

Training / Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Sport and Exercise), currently completing a Master of Strength and Conditioning

Speciality: Improvements in performance using scientific underpinning, Strength Training

Favourite workout: Either 5×5 or GVT (German Volume Training)

Date joined JBC Crew: February 2018

In my spare time, I love to: Just a simple guy. I enjoy going to music gigs and having a few fizzy beverages with friends. Happiest when training, it’s my little 1 hour away from the world.

On My Bucket List is… Travel and see some if not all of the wonders of the world




Michael Wood:

Training / Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Sport & Exercise Science), currently completing a Master of High Performance Sport, Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Level 2

Speciality: Athletic development

Favourite workout: Anything that is challenging enough to warrant a 5 minute rest break between sets!

Date joined JBC Crew: March 2017

In my spare time, I love to: Eat lots of delicious food…

On My Bucket List is… Write a book, go diving with sharks, trek to Everest Basecamp (and possibly further!)




Massimo Trevisan (Max):

Training / Qualifications: MovNat Level 1 Coach, Functional Stability Training, Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1, Functional Movement Screen Level 1 & 2, Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1, FX Rehab Trainer… and more!

Speciality: Strength training, Obstacle Race training and nutrition coaching

Favourite workout: Anything I haven’t done yet!

Date joined JBC Crew: May 2014

In my spare time, I love to: Go mountain biking, trail running, ocean swimming, geek out on fitness articles and hang out with mates for a cheeky beer.

On My Bucket List is… The New Zealand Alpine Course, New Zealand Coast to Coast race, climbing Island Peak and Ama Dablan.