Imagine you are a bicycle, wheels, frame and all. Now you need to travel from A to B. The points A and B can be many things. A could be unfit, B could be fit. A could be overweight or obese, and B could be trim and athletic. A could be birth, B could be death (hopefully these two are a suitable distance apart). What will happen to your bicycle if there is a buckle in the wheel? How far will you get? What are all the possibilities?
Help i’m drowning in a sea of booze and food and I’ve still got New years Eve to go! We've got the answer, Free outdoor boot camp session this Friday 31st December. It’s FREE and it’s for anybody! Sweat out the Xmas mince pies and booze for FREE.

Guys, just flew in on Saturday night from a great trip to Nepal with trek clients. Thought I’d quickly put up another video post showing as an example, how little...

As we reported last month, Joe and many other local trainers have been at logger heads with Warringah Council regarding their draft policy for the "Use of Open Space by Commercial Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers".  Today we received an important notification from Warringah Council of the next public council meeting where this proposal will be discussed.  Please read on to see how you can support us at this meeting and to read Councils response to date.
New research published this month in the Australian New Zealand Journal of Health has confirmed that obesity has overtaken tobacco as the leading preventable cause of disease in Australia. New figures from Western Australia(1), which are expected to reflect across Australia, show the contribution of excessive weight to ill health has more than doubled in just six years.
As seen in this mornings article in the Manly Daily, Joe is at loggerheads with Warringah council. Warringah Council has released their “Policy for the Use of Council Open Space by Commercial Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers”.