Hello and welcome to my first ever blog for Joes Garage Gym. Over the coming months I will be researching and writing articles on Boxing, Strength & Conditioning and also Olympic Weightlifting. I intend to provide relevant information that you can all understand, adapt and use in the much-loved classes. Enjoy….
What is being fit and healthy? What is the best way to get fit and healthy? What is fitness? Now there is a question! Being fit is being the best you can be, to feel good about yourself, to cope with a number of situations, to have a good sense of your abilities and spatial awareness, to have good motor skills, to be healthy and to minimize the chance of injury.
Imagine you are a bicycle, wheels, frame and all. Now you need to travel from A to B. The points A and B can be many things. A could be unfit, B could be fit. A could be overweight or obese, and B could be trim and athletic. A could be birth, B could be death (hopefully these two are a suitable distance apart). What will happen to your bicycle if there is a buckle in the wheel? How far will you get? What are all the possibilities?

Guys, just flew in on Saturday night from a great trip to Nepal with trek clients. Thought I’d quickly put up another video post showing as an example, how little...

Personal Training tips from Sydney personal trainer, Joe Bonington, on Dynamic warm-ups: warming up for mixed conditioning sessions. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJrVR_PjCAs...

Do you or does someone you know mope around when it's cloudy and grey, only cheering up when the sun shines?  There’s no doubt that the weather affects all of us one way or another.  So to beat the winter blues & keep any excess kilo’s at bay, here’s some sure fire ways to eat and exercise your way to wellness this Winter.  Ensuring you'll never feel under the weather again!
This is an article I got off the net reproduced from Celestine Chua's blog. Celestine is an avid blogger whom I follow with a multitude of excellent and thoroughly researched articles around life, vitality and personal excellence.