Voting for exercise for all and a purpose built Exercise and Circuit Station. As many of you know, some in Sydney councils have taken up the money grabbing policy of charging people to get fit and healthy outdoors and banning them from exercising on the very beaches and in the parks they pay rates for. A very strange situation in these times of growing obesity and health problems.
On the 14th June 2008 one of our clients, Tan Huynh, completed the arduous Gobi Desert Race, a 250km race over 7 days through some of the world's most inhospitable territory! Not only did he complete it but he finished 64th out of a field of 147 that finished and 173 who started.
Big congratulations to Sukie Southern! Sukie took out both Gold (relay) and Bronze (80m sprint) at the Australian National Surf Life Saving Championships in Western Australia in the womens Masters events. This is her first year competing, not only did she get state titles but took out the nationals as well. Sukie is also this month's client focus.

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