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This post is about the terrible earthquake in Nepal. It’s about what we are doing to try and help a little and also why  we are throwing our weight behind this cause. Firstly let me go way back, way way back before I was born. Back in 1960 my father Chris Bonington climbed his first Himalayan peak, Annapurna II. At just under 8000m it was the first of 19 Himalayan Peaks.
Like many people who exercise often, I get asked ‘what are you training for?’. I think it’s normal for people to expect a single short answer - “Doing the half marathon in a few weeks” or “I’m off on a trek” but often there isn’t a specific event in mind. This got me thinking to all the reasons I train - and I say train rather than exercise because for me training is much broader than simple exercise. I’ve been a casual runner for about 15 years and I love my running but training for me means something bigger, it means doing exercises that I wouldn’t normally do, exercises I don’t necessarily enjoy or that I’m not very good at. It’s precisely by training those uncomfortable areas that I get the best results. So in a nutshell what am I training for? I’ll answer that at the end. Except for the first two, these in no particular order are the reasons I train:
On April 30th 2013 Gareth Andrews, a Sydney based Doctor and member at Joe's garage Gym reached the Magnetic North Pole. He had travelled 23 days across the ice, travelling a total of  600Km whilst dragging a 100Kg sled. Both Gareth and his team mate Richard Stephenson, a doctor based in New Zealand had come to Joe for specific strength and conditioning programming and coaching for their adventure.