The Basecamp Process

  • Getting Started

    When investing in success it's very important to see whether we are a good fit for you, to do that we invite you to come and train with us for a week, We are here to inspire you and to improve your performance, our focus is on functional training, Strength and Conditioning, and endurance training to fulfill your adventures and goals. With that in mind one of the first things we will do is a full body movement assessment. During this week you can try all our classes. You get to know us and our methods, and we get to know you.

  • Programs that suit you

    No matter what your goal is, you all have a different training and injury history. We take this into account, our main program is tiered to your ability. We also have a special foundation course to teach all the basic movements. Most importantly you will be given your own program based on creating structural balance and managing any weaknesses. You can choose to do your program either in our Precision Classes or one-on-one with a personal trainer or by yourself.

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    Joe's Basecamp hosted a fantastic inspirational evening listening to Sir Chris Bonington, Joe's father - recount tales and wisdom from his lifetime of mountaineering right up until his recent climb of the Old Man of Hoy at 80 years of age, 50 years after he first climbed it. We auctioned a framed, signed print and are giving people the chance to own one of fifty signed prints. Click on the button above to make your purchase. $109.95 includes post & packaging. We'll track the purchases post to registered address.

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Our belief that training just for the sake of training is not enough. We enjoy our training. No, we love our training, the sweat, the tears, the effort, the sense of achievement, the challenge but we believe that our training is for a reason…. it is to live a life well lived to enable us to live a life rich with experiences and adventure.

Our belief is that every one of you has an Everest inside them… it might not be the Everest, it might be a challenge of any magnitude but what ever it is…. your first trail run, a Himalayan trek, The Kokoda Trail, whatever it is, if it is a genuine challenge and beyond your comfort zone, it is your adventure and you own it and it is our job to be the channel, the conduit and the support to see you smiling on the other side.

Joe Bonington

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Our People

“Joe has a knack for tapping into the motivation you already possess to make health-oriented decisions — then adding a whole lot of adrenalin and accountability into the equation to help you meet your goals. His personality and comprehensive experience with general exercise and adventure training, have combined to make me feel like I’m in the hands of a professional who genuinely cares about my wellbeing. This isn't just because his gym benefits — but because Joe is truly passionate about everyday people going beyond the physical limits they think they have, and watching how a new world unfolds for…

Sara Moss
“At the start of 2014 I was probably carrying about 15kg more than i needed to be. I was training in facilities that were impersonal and uninspiring. Some friends at work recommended that I tried Joe's, on the promise that it was a great community environment where the emphasis was on achieving personal goals - be that crossing a continent on foot or learning how to do a hand stand. It's now 12 months since I met Joe. He has indeed created an environment which, in contrast to my previous experiences, is extremely personal and inspiring. (And I've lost the15…

Jim Walker
"The ‘Real Man Maker’…where the hell do you come up with this stuff Joe? That pretty much sums up Joe’s Base Camp though (formerly Joe’s Garage) – the variety and constant challenge is what I love about the place…every day it’s something different. Even after ~18 months of training there, I am still constantly doing and learning new stuff which is a massive motivation to keep up the training…it makes training enjoyable, particularly with Joe helping you to continually get results. Because of Joe, at 35 years old (I know, I look older), I’m the fittest, strongest and fastest I’ve…

Sean McGowan
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