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Joe’s Garage Gym and the Shitbox Rally

Why Tim Herbert is doing the Shitbox Rally? I lost my mum to Acute Myeloid Lymphoma on the 25th July 2008. She had been in the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney for 1 month since she had been diagnosed with Cancer. She was 64 years old.

Stabilisation and Performance classes

Ladies and Gents on the Saturday 2nd of February, We are having a one off. All the morning classes 7am, 8am  are going to be looked after by Level 2 CHEK coach Graham Johnston.

Joe’s Garage Youth Development Program

Announcing our youth development program. This program is designed to accelerate gross motor pattern learning in kids.Do you want your kid to excel at sport? Do you want your child just to enjoy sport?The earlier in life we learn precision in movement, stronger and more controlled, the more coordination, balance, poise, speed and agility we can develop.