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War on the Beaches – A chance to vote for exercise and common sense

Voting for exercise for all and a purpose built Exercise and Circuit Station. As many of you know, some in Sydney councils have taken up the money grabbing policy of charging people to get fit and healthy outdoors and banning them from exercising on the very beaches and in the parks they pay rates for. […]

New Sweat and Tears Course Starts Wednesday 11th June

The Next Sweat and Tears group training sessions starts 5.45am Wednesday 11th June. Meet at the Netball courts, John Fisher Park North Curl Curl. Due to Public holiday this is a shorter course with a suitably shorter price tag 🙂 Contact the office for more details on the early morning madness.

May 2008 Newsletter

If you haven’t already seen our May 2008 Sweat and Tears Newsletter, be sure to check it out. You can subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to receive it directly in your inbox.

TrekFit Program update

We’ve revamped out TrekFit – trek and altitude training program. TrekFit is a fantastic 12 week program based in and around some of Sydney’s beautiful National Parks and Beaches that will get you fit for your trek or adventure holiday. Find out more about TrekFit on the program details page.

Weight Training Tip

Cooling down after a weight workout is equally important as warming up. You should shoot for 5-10 minutes of easy aerobic exercise. This brings your heart rate back to normal and helps your body flush out lactic acid and additional toxins that can accumulate as you lift. Following your cool down, stretch again to lengthen […]

Sir Chris Bonington – Business and Motivational Presentations

Chris Bonington is one of the most successful expedition leaders in the history of mountaineering and has established a reputation as an outstanding motivational speaker. He uses the superbly illustrated story of his two major expeditions to Everest as a case study that is linked and tailored to the needs of the client. He has […]